Table of Contents

In this module it is possible to register the Baptisms of the Parish. The baptism process has registration information available regarding personal data, grandparents and godparents.

You should access the menu Sacraments and select Baptism

[WARNING: This module needs to have a numerator, you must first go to the Settings> Numerators menu] 

Add a New Baptism Process #

To add a new record you must:

  1. Click in , to edit you must click , to remove you must click on . 
  2. After clicking on the respective form for filling out appears: 

    In this tab you should indicate the information for the reports by clicking on each  expand the form. After the process is completed click on .
  3. After clicking on Save, and as with all registration forms, by clicking on the item, it is possible to access the Documents menu (appears in the column on the left side of each form) which allows the printing / downloading of various forms available of the user, containing the data entered in the respective form, as shown in the following image.
  4. Documents available for printing are as follows:
  • Baptism Card;
  • Baptism Registration;
  • Baptism Certificate;
  • Baptism Seat;
  • Baptism Bulletin;
  • Baptism Diploma;
  • Request for Suitability;
  • Letter to the Godparents;
  • Letter to Parents;
  • Baptism Preparation Course (Parents);
  • Baptism Preparation Course (Groomsmen).