Table of Contents

In this module it is possible to register the catechumenate(s) corresponding to the Parish.

You should access the menu Sacraments and click on the module catechumenate

In this area it is possible to register catechumenate(s), edit it, delete it or just consult it. 

[WARNING: This module needs to have a numerator, you should initially go to the Settings > Numerators menu] 

Add a new catechumenate #

To add a new record you must:

  1. Click in Add Catechumenate, to edit you must click , to remove you must click on .
  2. After clicking on Add Catechumenate the respective form for filling out appears. 
  3. In this tab, you must identify the respective individual sheet as a mandatory field.
  4. After the process is completed click on Save.
  5. After running the option Save, and as with all registration forms, when consulting, it is possible to access the menu Reports (appears in the header) that makes it possible to print / download several forms available to the user, containing the data entered in the respective form, as illustrated in the following image:
  6. Documents available for printing in the details are as follows:
    • Catechumen Registration;
  7. Documents available for printing in the listing are as follows:
    • Index cover;
    • Catechumenate extracts;
    • Opening/Closing Terms.