Table of Contents

In this module it is possible to manage the events that appear on the website and in the App.

You will have to access the Web page menu and click on the Events module.

Add a new event #

To add a new event you must:

  1. Click in , to edit you must click , to remove you must click on .
  2. After clicking on  the respective form for filling out appears. 
    1. Event tab – here you must define all the master data of the event (if you want you can activate the option Send notification to send a push notification to your followers from the mobile app when the content goes online. You can send new notification again if you edit the event .)

    2. Related contents tab – here you can relate the event to contents of the contents module. If the site allows the event, it is related to the news to improve the user experience.
    3. Photogallery tab – allows you to add a set of photos that will appear on the website
    4. Downloads tab – allows you to add downloadable files to the event

  3. After the process is completed click on .