How to activate the App to display content from my subscription

To activate the App, you must have access to the Internet Page module.

If you do not have access to the module, check if your plan includes access on here. If you still have questions, send us a request for help.

See here the video that explains the steps to take:

Accessing the settings on the Internet page, you must activate the option “Sharing content on the Kyrios mobile app“:

You should also complete the Url, we suggest that you include the name of your parish / diocese / group, but without spaces. In our example, which you can see above, the url is demoonline.

You should also enter your email, as it is to this email that the contact form will forward the emails.

In the end, it remains to select the news section. If you have not yet created the sections, see the documentation on here.

If you already have the sections created, select the one you created for News:

The rest of the information is used for the website.

After performing these actions, your subscription (Parish / Diocese / Group, ...) will already appear on the Mobile App, you can open and select your subscription in the option Next: