How to activate the website

If you have already subscribed to a Kyrios plan with website functionality, you must follow these steps to activate it.

You must have received an email with your subscription ID, save it as you will need it to activate your website.

First, click on here to access the website activation form.

click in activate here:

The various models you have to choose from will appear below, you must choose 1:

Now you must enter the title and URL you want for your site:

Attention: if you wish, you can purchase a domain (ex: so that it is associated with the website, as an alternative to the default address which is

Enter in contact with us if you want your own domain.

Finally, enter the following data:

  • Username: this will be your login to check the consumption of the page
  • Subscription ID – you must have received the kyrios subscription ID in the activation email of your subscription, you must put that ID here
  • Email – your email to receive notifications
  • Password – the password to access the website consumption consultation panel

At the end click on create account.

The site will be activated and you will receive a confirmation email:

You can now open the address you indicated and access your website!!

There are currently 2 templates. Here you can check the settings you need to make for each one:

The plan includes the use of the Mobile Application, also see how to activate it on here.

Don't forget to configure your page. Look on here how to do it.

If you have any questions, please contact us.