Mass Intentions

Before you start, you should read the article about individual records, to understand how you can configure your reports.

In this article we only present the variables that are available for the Mass Intentions Module.

Word example that includes all variables

Excel example that includes all variables

Complete list of variables available for Mass Intentions #

DesignationFieldInformation exampleHow to define rule
Registration number{d [i] .serie_number}“8/2018”
Description{d [i] .intention_description}“Intention for Manuel José”
Local{d [i] .location_description}“South Africa> Johannesburg> Johannesburg> La Rochelle> St. Patrick's”
Date{d [i] .intention_date}“2021-05-09”
Hour{d [i] .intention_time}“15:00”
Creation date{d [i] .created_at} "2018-01-29T11: 53: 19.000 + 00: 00"
Update date{d [i] .updated_at}  "2018-01-29T11: 53: 19.000 + 00: 00"
Intent type{d [i]}“Community Mass”
Celebrated by{d [i] .celebrated_by_description} "José Afonso"
Comments{d [i] .comments} "No comments"
Applicant{d [i] .requested_by_description}"Lisa Simpson"
Treasury - Entity to be included in the document{d [i] .document_entity_description}"Bart Simpson"
Treasury - Fees{d [i] .emolument_description}"Stipends for Mass"
Treasury - fee{d [i] .tax}“10.0”