New Year

When the pastoral year comes to an end, we will have to finish the same in catechesis at Kyrios.

For this we must access the menu in the details of a catechesis group:

and click on:

 – the change year button allows you to create a new group with the same characteristics as the current one (catechists and catechists), but with the possibility of editing its data. The changeover also automatically changes the year (if it is in the 2nd, it changes to the 3rd) and the pastoral year (always inserts the new pastoral year, for example 2017/2018).

 – the end button allows you to mark the catechesis as finished and from that moment on we will not have to add more sessions to the catechesis.

One of the functionalities of finalizing is the updating of the attendances in the individual file of the catechists, thus leaving the entire summary of their journey recorded in the individual file.

 – the finalize and pass the year button performs the 2 previous actions simultaneously and is preferable if we are going to finish and pass the year at the same time.