The numerators are the basis for assigning the registration number to a process (Baptisms, Marriages, Receipts, Mass Intentions, Individual Cards, ...).

The numerators can be configured according to the needs of each:

  • There can be only 1 numerator that is shared by all modules;
  • There may be 1 numerator per module that increases regardless of the year;
  • There can be 1 numerator per module and per year for each module, so whenever you create a new process you can start 1 each year.

The numerators can be configured as you wish, for this you have the numerators screen, where you find all the numerators and you can create new ones:

And you have access to the Module Numerators screen, which allows you to assign the numerator to the user at each moment:

How to change the process numerator for the new year #

To change the numerator of the processes (Baptisms, Marriages, Receipts, ...) you must perform the following steps:

1) Access the “Numerators” menu, which is found in Settings - Numerators;

2) On this screen you have access to all the numerators that are configured (may be different from those shown here):

In your case you can have only 1 numerator that can be shared by all processes (Marriages, Baptisms, Deaths, ...), in this case we have 1 numerator for each type of process. You may also have your own numerators for receipts or another type of process.

3) To adapt Kyrios to the new year and use new numerators to start at number 1 for the processes you want, you must add them, according to the following steps:

  1. Click the button 
  2. In this case we are going to insert a numerator for Matrimónios (attention in the case of the Curia the module is “Matrimónios (Curia)”), it must be filled out as follows:

  3. Use the fields Prefix and / or Suffix if you want to add information to the numerator in addition to the case number. For example, for numerators to have the format 1/2019, where 1 is the case number, enter “/2019″ in Suffix, as shown in the image above.
  4. Bear in mind that the next process to use the numerator will have the number of “Initial / current number” + 1. That is, for the first process to have number 1, the “Initial / current number” it must be 0 (zero); so that the next process has the number 50, the “Initial / current number” it will have to be 49.
  5. At the end you should click on 
  6. You should repeat starting from point 3.1 for all numerators you need to create for 2019 (or the desired year).

4) After creating all the necessary numerators, it is necessary to associate them with the respective modules / processes. To do this, it is necessary to carry out the following steps:

  1. Click in Module numberers
  2. Edit each of the modules and associate the respective numerator;
  3. In this case we are editing the Marriage module:
  4. You must click on the magnifying glass and then select the new numerator;
  5. You must click on save;
  6. Repeat from step 2 for all modules that want to change the numerator.
  7. If one of your modules does not yet have an associated numerator, click  and make the respective association, as shown in the image above.

5) From this moment on, your version of Kyrios has been adapted for the new year.