Remote access

If remote access is required to analyze the problem that may be arising on your computer, you will be asked to use Google Remote Desktop at the following address:

1) After accessing you must enter your google account data (if you don't have one, you must create one): 

2) The following screen will appear:

You must click on the button  

3) Now click on the Add to chrome (or Add to Chrome) button:

If it appears to confirm the addition, do so and click Add extension:

4) Now click on "Accept & Install" or "Accept and install":

The remote access application will be installed and if all goes well, there will be a button that says “Generate code” or “Generate code” available:

5) To give access just click on the "Generate code" button and share the code with our support team so that we can access your computer and help remotely:

6) When one of our technicians accesses, a window will appear asking for permission, you should allow us to access: