Send push notifications on content and events

Whenever you post content or an event, you can send a push notification to all users who follow your subscription via kyrios mobile application.

This way, whoever is accompanying your Diocese, Parish, Department, Catechesis Group,…, will receive this notification in order to consult the news.

How do I send a notification whenever I add new content or an event? #

When you are introducing a new content or event, you will find in the “Publish” area an option “Send notification”, just activate it and when the content goes online, that is, when the day and time that you enter in the fields “Online since (date) ”and“ Online since (time) ”Kyrios will notify all users who have the application installed and who are following their subscription.

Enable notification sending when adding new content
Enable notification sending when adding new event

How do I send a new notification whenever I edit content or an event? #

If you wish, you can send a notification whenever you edit a content or event. This way you can notify your followers that something has changed. This feature is particularly for example in the case of events in which there is a change to the agenda, being able to immediately inform about the changes.

To enable sending a notification if you are editing the content or event, just re-enable the option to send notification that Kyrios will try to send a new notification again.