Sending messages with read only on Kyrios

This functionality allows you to use the mass mailing module (Newsletter) for the institution's internal communication.

With this new feature you now have:

  • confirmation of users who read and when they read the messages;
  • access to the message is only possible for those who have login to Kyrios, as it only appears after accessing the system;

How to send an internal message? #

To send a message, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the newsletters module in Newsletters/SMS – > Newsletters
  2. Then we click on  to prepare our message
  3. When creating the message, the big difference from the regular Newsletter is that you must activate the “Reading on Kyrios” option. But we explain all the relevant fields below:
    1. Send - must be active for the message to be sent at the indicated time and date
    2. Reading on Kyrios – means the user will not receive the message/newsletter in the email, instead they will receive a notification in the email indicating that they have a new message on Kyrios. The user will have to access kyrios to read the message
    3. Sent date - the date the message will be sent
    4. Delivery time - the time the message will be sent
    5. Frequency - the message in this case must be unique
    6. Recipients – you can choose the group of users you want to send the message to. If it is a Diocese, it has 2 special groups (Clergy and Institutions, for the respective groups of individual cards, however it is necessary to associate them to the group)
    7. To (additional emails) – here you can enter extra addresses that are not part of the distribution list. To put several, you must separate each one with a comma (,)
    8. Test email - you can enter your email and click the test newsletter button to see how you will receive the message
    9. Title – this is the internal kyrios designation of the message, this designation is only visible for the subscription where the message is being created
    10. Subject - is the subject of the message/email
    11. Layout – allows you to select one of the templates that you may have previously saved in the layouts area
    12. Message – here you must enter the message to be sent
  4. When the newsletter is ready, just click on 

How does the notification to the user appear? #

After sending the message, users will receive a notification like this in their email box:

When the user clicks on “View message” he is taken to Kyrios, where the message list appears:

Notifications of new messages when accessing Kyrios #

When a user logs into Kyrios and if they have unread messages, a window will always appear displaying the message.

This alert appears until the user puts the message as read:

How does the sender know that the recipients have already read the message? #

Whoever sent the message has access to the list of all emails to which the message was sent, indicating the day and time the message was read. So you have absolute guarantees that the message was delivered and read by the right recipient.

This list can be found in the "Reading Status" tab by opening the newsletter/message: