Kyrios access for catechists - how to get the login

In order to create access for catechists, the procedure to be carried out is as follows:

  • ask one of the Subscription Administrators, such as the Pastor, to create your access to the necessary Parishes;
  • The parish priest or an administrator of the subscription shall carry out the actions in accordance with the following:

How to enter a Catechist #

Want to know how to insert a new catechist in Kyrios, then watch the following video:


How to create a login for a Catechist #

Do you want to grant access to a Catechist to be able to connect to Kyrios via the Mobile Application and the Portal, then watch the following video:

How to limit the Catechist only to the groups in which it is defined as Catechist? #

In the form where we create the user login, in this case the catechist, we must check the option "Access only to catechetical groups where you are a catechist", in this way the user will only see the groups in which he is associated as a catechist:

If you want the user to be able to access all groups, as in the case of coordinators, then this option should be inactive in that case.