How to manage website settings

Table of Contents

In this module it is possible to manage the web page settings.

You should access the Internet Page menu and click on the Settings module.

edit settings #

  1. After clicking it opens a filling form. 

  2. In this tab you should put information on the microsite to be created:
    1. Compete the Url: you must put the address without spaces and without special characters that you want for your website. We advise it to be the name of the parish. This name will be associated with the Kyrios domain. As an example, placing yourself in this field demoonline the final address will be;
      1. If you belong to the Archdiocese of Braga, what you put in this field will appear in the final address after the, that is, if you have demoonline (example) the final address will be:;
    2. E-mail: the e-mail address will be used to receive the data that can be filled in in the contact form on the website;
    3. Share content (news/events) on the Kyrios mobile app: You must activate this option so that the Kyrios App can display your website. Having this option enabled you can tell your community to install the Kyrios App, so they can set your subscription as default, thus making the App as if it were your App;
    4. Facebook Url: if you have it, you should put your Facebook page address here; 
    5. Twitter url: if you have it, you should put your Twitter page address here;
    6. Youtube url: if you have it, you must put the address of your Youtube page here; 
    7.  Soundcloud Url: if you have, you should put your Soundcloud page address here; 
    8. Main section – news section: you must select the section you configured to associate the news (if you haven't created the sections yet, see how to create it below);
    9. Right Section – Parish Registry Content: Select the content that will present the service's opening hours and information;
    10. Right Section – Eucharist Content: Select the content that will display the Eucharist schedule (if applicable);
    11. Right Section – Confessions Content: Select the content that will display the confession schedule (if applicable);
    12. Right Section – Patient Visit Content: Select the content that will display the patient visit schedule (if applicable);
    13. At the end click on save to save the changes.
  3. After the process is completed click on .