Table of Contents

In this module it is possible to manage the website and app menu.

You should access the Internet Page menu and click on the Menu module.

In this area it is possible to manage the menus, being able to edit it, delete it or just consult it. 

Add a new menu item #

To add a new one must:

  1. Click in , to edit you must click , to remove you must click on .
  2. After clicking on  the respective form for filling out appears. 
  3. In this tab you should put information about the menu to be created. 
  4. The website can be prepared to present several different layouts, but they will only be displayed properly if you configure the menu correctly, so if you want to present the contents with the following layouts, pay attention to the configuration that you should put:
    • Layouts available if you want to present a contents (must have the column contents completed):
      • News Details – displays the content that is configured;
    • Layouts available if you want to present a content listing (must have the column section filled with the section that has the contents to present):
      • schedule listing – the list of events, defined in the events module, appears;
      • news listing – presents the contents in the form of a list with a link to consult the details of each one:
    • Layouts that do not need to have a content column or a filled section, as they are specific:
      • Time details – a layout with the time appears;
      • Contact form – provides a contact form. When the form is submitted, an email is sent to the email defined in the settings;
  5. After the process is completed click on .