Sending a new newsletter

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This functionality allows you to use the mass mailing module (Newsletter) for the institution's internal communication.

How to send a newsletter? #

To send a newsletter you must perform the following steps:

  1. Access the newsletters module in Newsletters/SMS – > Newsletters
  2. Then we click on  to prepare our message
  3. When creating the message, fill in the necessary information:
    1. Send - must be active for the message to be sent at the indicated time and date
    2. Reading on Kyrios – means the user will not receive the message/newsletter in the email, instead they will receive a notification in the email indicating that they have a new message on Kyrios. The user will have to access kyrios to read the message
    3. Sent date - the date the message will be sent
    4. Delivery time - the time the message will be sent
    5. Frequency - the message in this case must be unique
    6. Recipients – you can choose the group of users you want to send the message to. If it is a Diocese, it has 2 special groups (Clergy and Institutions, for the respective groups of individual cards, however it is necessary to associate them to the group)
    7. To (additional emails) – here you can enter extra addresses that are not part of the distribution list. To put several, you must separate each one with a comma (,)
    8. Test email - you can enter your email and click the test newsletter button to see how you will receive the message
    9. Title – this is the internal kyrios designation of the message, this designation is only visible for the subscription where the message is being created
    10. Subject - is the subject of the message/email
    11. Layout – allows you to select one of the templates that you may have previously saved in the layouts area
    12. Message – here you must enter the message to be sent
  4. When the newsletter is ready, just click on 

The message will be sent on the day and time indicated.