Analytical trial balance

The Analytical Trial Balance allows you to consult the totals of the various entries that are being carried out in the different periods.

Filters #

On the right side we have the possible filters to filter the information to be presented:

  • period – allows you to select the period to restrict the data to be displayed
  • account code - we can indicate the range of accounts to filter
  • Account Type - Allows you to indicate whether we want to view transaction accounts, integrator accounts and ledger accounts

At the end, click on update for the data to appear.

Recalculate #

If for some reason the data presented may not seem coherent, you should click on the button . This button will recalculate all the accumulators of the active exercise, thus allowing to solve any problem that may exist with the data inconsistency.

Print documents #

Below the filters you will find the print documents and the following are available:

  • The analytical trial balance shows the values for the accounts in the period and also the accumulated values for the fiscal year up to the selected period;
  • Trial Balance – Period displays the values for the accounts for the selected period;
  • The balance sheet – Accumulated shows the values only of those accumulated up to the period;