How to use Events to manage registration to participate in Mass

Kyrios has a new feature, which helps to better manage the people who want to participate in the Mass.

This feature is particularly useful in small churches, with a reduced capacity, allowing an efficient management of the available space.

How it works? #

We've done our best to simplify the entire process and can summarize the flow in 5 steps:

See here the video exemplifying the use:

1 – Parish promotes masses #

First of all, it is necessary to publicize the Mass Schedule, to do so, access the Kyrios and access the website - events ( 

Then click on and fill in the data for a mass:

In this example we fill in the following information for next Sunday's Mass:

  • Title: Sunday Mass
  • Content: Mandatory registration through one of the following means:
  • Schedule start: 05/31/2020 – 10:00 am
  • End schedule: 05/31/2020 – 11:00 am
  • Event location: Parish Church
  • Publish Online: yes
  • Keywords: mass
  • Applications – Accepts applications: yes
  • Registration - registration starts: 25/05/2020
  • Enrollment – end of enrollment: 05/29/2020
  • Total vacancies: 20

After filling in the data, click on .

Now the event is already public, and should appear on the Parish website (if any) and on the Kyrios App.

2 – Parishioners apply #

With the public event, parishioners already have access to the Mass agenda and can now register directly on the APP:

3 – Parish validates entries #

After the end of the registration date, the Parish must validate the registrations. 

So you must open the event of the mass in question by accessing the website - events ( and editing the respective event.

Then you must open the entries tab, if there are entries they will appear here:

We need to confirm who can be present as the capacity is limited to 20 people and we may have more applications than the existing capacity.

We can check the box confirmed. By doing this, the No. of confirmed field will be updated, this helps us to understand when we have reached the maximum, as you can see in the image:

You can consult the registration history of each Parishioner, so that they can better manage the participations over time, in order to give everyone a turn:

Entries do not require the existence of an individual form, and you can fill in the data in the fields directly, but if there is, you can select the individual form so that the records can be related.

4 – Parishioners receive an email with confirmation #

Once all entries are closed and confirmed, Parish users can click on the button Notify registrations, so that an automatic email is sent to all subscribers, where those confirmed will receive an email in this format:

The QR code is used to validate the registration at the entrance to the mass/event.

Applications that cannot be confirmed due to lack of capacity will receive an email with this content:

5 – Only those who have registered for mass attend, avoiding confusion #

In this way, only confirmed people should appear at mass, so that the criteria of social distancing are met, avoiding confusion at the entrance to take place.

If they wish, they can also control attendance, and in this case, this information will also appear in the history, to help understand if there are confirmations that end up not attending, taking the place away from others.

The host team has available in the Kyrios APP, the event management option that allows you to control if the entries are valid and register the respective presences: