How to use filters to find the information you need

It is sometimes difficult to find the information you need.

At Kyrios we strive to respond to users' requests and one of the requests is simplicity in locating information.

Whenever you need to search or filter information, you can do it directly in the search box you will find in all kyrios windows:

You can type what you want to search in that space and by clicking enter kyrios will filter by the main field of the module you are currently accessing.

Advanced filters #

But it has advanced filters at its disposal, which allow you to quickly find what you are looking for. It was thanks to feedback from the user community that we added several advanced filters, namely on the individual sheets.

Advanced filters can be accessed by clicking on the arrow icon on the right side, just inside the search field:

Advanced Filters on Individual Sheets #

In the individual sheets module is where you will find more filters.

You can filter by:

  • Name
  • Active
  • registration number
  • Date of birth (from – to)
  • personal data
    • Profession
    • Gender
    • Identification number
    • taxpayer number
    • Father
    • Mom
    • Spouse
    • Marriage date (from – to)
    • Parishioner
    • Catechist
    • Catechizing (a)
    • MEC
    • Elderly
    • Sick
    • Acolyte
    • pastoral agent
    • Reader
    • can sign documents
    • Groups
    • deceased
  • Contacts
    • mobile phone
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Web site
  • address
    • address
    • port number
    • Postal Code
    • location
    • county
    • Parents
  • Others
    • Groups (choose the groups you are associated with)
      who belongs to a certain group as catechists, or any other group that you have created in your parish and associated the elements
    • Birthday (from – to) ignoring the year
      who turns his birthday between certain days, the year will be ignored, so you can extract a listing for example of who turns their birthday in July
    • Marriage anniversary (from – to) ignoring the year
      who has a wedding anniversary in a given date range, the year will be ignored, and like the previous example, you can know who has been married in July
    • Marriage anniversary (number of years) - considering until the end of the current month, if an end date is not indicated in the filter by date
      who celebrates x years of marriage, very useful to easily find out who is celebrating 25, 50 or 75 years of marriage. Just enter the number of years and click on search, you will get all the people that celebrate their wedding anniversary in the current month.

All modules have their advanced search and filters.

Explore and find out.