Add a new user to the subscription

If you want to grant access to a catechist see: Assign access to a Catechist

To add a new user (this could be for example: a priest, a catechist or a parishioner who is helping with the registry) with subscription access, you should:

1) Click on Admin – > Subscription Users (if you do not have access to this menu, it means that you are not a Subscription Administrator and must ask the person responsible for permissions to access this feature);

2) Then click on ;

3) Now it is necessary to fill in the form with the user data:

  • Active – for the user to have access to the subscription it must be active. If you wish to suspend access temporarily, just set it as not active and the user will no longer have access;
  • Subscription Admin – if you are adding a new user who should be able to manage it and create new users, then you should have this option enabled;
  • Name – the username;
  • Email – the user's email. If there is a user on Kyrios with this email, the subscription will be associated with that user, this way it is possible for a user to have access to several subscriptions (parishes, departments, …). In case the email already exists, its name will not be changed and what already exists in the system will remain;

4) After clicking the button , the page will appear to be able to specify the user's permissions. If you want to have full permissions, just click on , otherwise remove the options you don't want.

As an example, if you want to create an access for a catechist, in which he should only have access to individual files, RGPD and Catechesis, the modules that should be active are the following:

  • Catechism
  • Individual records

5) If the user is a new user, to access his password, he must perform the password recovery in, then you will receive an email to set the access password. If you are an existing user, you should use the access you already had, being able to switch between subscriptions through the menu found in the header: