Subscription settings

By clicking onyour subscription settings module will appear.

In this area, some fundamental parameters are defined for the proper functioning of Kyrios, such as:

  • Coin
  • How will the signature in the processes (as a Parish Priest or as a Parish Administrator)
  • Pastor/Primary Parish Administrator of Subscription
  • Pre-defined treasury document type
  • Layout for notification emails of outstanding amounts from current accounts
  • Tax office code for Model 25
  • Settings for SMS sending gateway
    At the moment, only the operator Vodafone PT is supported, so a login to the service is required to work. Vodafone SMS Broadcast. New gateways for other operators can be added if necessary.
  • SMTP Email Setup
    Allows you to configure your own email account for sending newsletters and also for notifications of pending amounts from current accounts.
    See here how to configure SMTP settings.
  • Setup wizard with step-by-step help on how to use and configure Kyrios
Subscription settings
setup wizard