Individual records

The individual records are the records of the different entities that may exist in Kyrios, since parishioners The catechists or organizations.

Insert an Individual Card #

You should access the menu Archive and select Individual Cards 

[WARNING: This module needs to have a numerator, you should initially go to the Settings > Numerators menu] 

  1. You should select the option 
  2.  On the first tab personal data you must complete the respective form.

  3. The second separator is the CALL US, where we choose which or which roles the person / organization plays.

    This is where we indicate who it is:
    1. Catechist
    2. MEC
    3. Sick
    4. Pastoral Agent
    5. Catechizing
    6. Old man
    7. Acolyte
    8. Reader
    9. Deceased
    10. Groups - if you belong to groups for sending emails or sms
  4. Select the tab Christian life for filling in all Christian information.

    This is where information about:
    1. Frequency in the Eucharist
    2. Sacraments - main data
    3. Catechesis Summary
  5. Select the tab Professional life to continue filling the form with professional data. 
  6. On the tab Catechist find the place to put the dates and evaluations of the various catechist courses: 
  7. On the tab MEC you can enter the various data of the Extraordinary Minister of Communion.
  8. On the tab Elderly / Sick can identify the Minister of responsible communion, as well as the place and date of the anointing of the sick:
  9. On the tab Groups you can associate the registration with the various groups you have defined to be able to associate even more positions available in your Parish / institution as is the case with Scouts. These groups are used to send Newsletters and SMS.
  10. Select the tab Reports, where it is available to fill in the data in relation to the request for authorization for baptism outside the parish and for ordering suitability for Godfather / Godmother 
  11. After filling, execute the button 

Locate an Individual Record #

To search and filter the individual records, you must use the search at the top:

Just enter what you want and click enter.
There are also more filters available, just click on the arrow on the right side of the search box:

After clicking, all available fields to filter will appear:

Filters are grouped into General, Personal data, Categories, Contacts, Address and Others. You must click on the grouper to view all available filters.
As an example if you want to know who does:
– wedding anniversary
- Birthday
You can open the Others tab and you will find these filters:

You can combine several filters to find exactly what you need and at the end of pressing Search the results will appear:

When you access the details of a record, you do not leave the page with the search results, so you do not need to be doing a new search, as it remains as long as you consult the various records.

Consult an Individual Sheet #

  1. To consult an individual file just click on the file you want to open:

    And the form will appear in consultation mode:

Duplicate an Individual Sheet #

  1. If you need to create a new individual Card, but have data that is identical to another card, you can use the duplicate feature to simplify the work. You can duplicate a card from the list:

    Or from the consultation mode:

    Then just change the data you want and click save:

Edit an Individual Sheet #

  1. In the same Individual Records module, to edit, you must select the option , which is found in the list, as well as in the consultation of a record:

Delete an Individual Record #

  1. In the same Individual Records module, to edit, you must select the option , which is found in the list, as well as in the consultation of a record: