Mass Intentions

Complete management of mass intentions.

Enter a Mass Intent #

You should access the menu Archive and select Mass Intentions.

  1. Once you are in the list of intentions, you must select the option  and fill in the respective form:

    You must fill in the fields, such as, select the applicant by selecting the option  (search - lists all applicants), indicate the description, select the type of mass intention and location, the date of the celebration and time, field of observations (optional) and possibility to select the field for the purpose if is paid or not. The Entity to be included in the document is automatically filled in, taking into account the subscription to which the Mass Intention is being added.
    [NOTEasterisk fields are mandatory]

    In the 'Type of Intent' field, you can see the predefined types in the portal. If you want another one you must insert a new Type of Mass Intention (see below)

  2. After the process is complete, if you want to issue the document automatically associated with the Mass intention you can select the option  directly in the edit form.

Insert a new type of mass intention #

In this module it is possible to insert new types of Intentions.

To add a new record you must access the menu Archive, Mass Intentions and click on .

  1. Being on the screen with the list of Mass intentions, you must select the option  and indicate the description of the new type:
  2. After filling in click on the button