Add new group

To add a new catechesis group you must:

  1. select option Add Catechesis to complete the constitution of the group.
    Grades: The catechist can be added directly through the Quick Add option .
    The same applies to adding new catechists. If the catechesis is for adults, the box “For adults” must be selected

  2. To add Catechizing, the option must be selected , a new line will appear that looks like this:

    If the catechist and guardian already exist in the individual files of Kyrios, you must select them by clicking on the icon () and then select from the list:

    But if it does not yet exist in the Parish, you must create its form and in that case, you can click on the button  and fill in your data:

    If you are adding a catechist, do not forget to check the option .
  3. After completing the filling, click on the button 

  4. Print reports will be available in the preview: