Pastoral Agents

Only available at the Curia (Central Services for the Diocese) or at the Catechesis Department

It is in this area that all Pastoral Agents of a Diocese are managed, including their renovations.

For training management see the following content: Formations and types of formation

Add a Pastoral Agent #

To add a new Pastoral Agent, click on Add Pastoral Agent, then you must fill in the form with the data you want. 

The form finds the grouped information: #


We must select if the Pastoral Agent is:

  • active;
  • public – just so that users know that the person in question has given permission to share the Pastoral Agent's information;
  • Parishioner (a) – the Pastoral Agent can also be a parishioner and in that case, it will appear on the individual files as well;
  • Approved (a);
  • Catechist;
  • MEC;
  • Acolyte (a);
  • Reader (a);

personal data #

The person's identification data must be filled in.

address #

Area to add the address and parish of residence:

Contacts #

Area to put all the person's contacts:

Identification documents #

Area for placing the identification document data:

  • Attention, you must put the number of pastoral agent to exit on the card;

Departments #

Indicate the departments to which the person is associated:

Comments #

Simple notes box, so you can record notes and directions:


In this area all the data relating to the DAC must be placed:


In this area all the data relating to the DAPJ must be placed:


In this area all the data relating to the ECA must be placed:


In this area all the data relating to the EMRC must be placed:

EC #

In this area all data related to the EC must be placed:

PU #

In this area all the data relating to the PU must be placed:


In this area all data related to the DDBP must be placed:

Generate Pastoral Agent card #

To generate a Pastoral Agent card, you must edit the record and then click on  located in the lower right corner of the screen:

The card will appear similar to the following, with the correct dimensions so that it can be printed on a card printer:

Register the formations of the Pastoral Agent #

To register the formations of Agentes de Pastora it is necessary to edit an Agente de Pastoral.

Access the tab to associate the training (DAC, DAPJ,…) and click on .

Then you can select the training that the Pastoral Agent attended and click on save: