A credit-type document is similar to an Advance, but must be used when you want to cancel an amount that has already been placed in a debt document. For example, in the case of the receipt of an intention to attend a Mass, if they wrongly issue the amount for 10 Masses on the debt note, when it should only be 1 Mass, then a credit document must be generated with the amount charged more to settle the actual value. Then the receipt must be generated in the current accounts to regularize the credit document with the debt document.

Example: Issuance of a debt document for 10 mass intentions:

As we only wanted 1 intention, we have to credit 90 € that were registered more. We will then issue a credit document with €90:

Finally, we access the current accounts and regularize the 2 documents, where the entity has to pay only the difference, that is, the 10 € of the mass intention.

Credit documents can be generated to assign credits also for any service and remain in credit until it is exhausted, and can be used in various debt documents.