Family files allow you to add different individual files, thus making it possible to identify the people who live in each house. This makes it possible, for example, to consult all the donations that came from a house, which includes all its residents.

Consult the parochial rights performed by the elements of the Family #

The simplest way we advise you to find out if a certain family (its members) have paid the parochial rights is to use the parochial rights fee in the donations and then consult directly in the family form, in the documents tab if this family has made this payment. For that, there is the filter Parish rights:

Register a new family #

You should access the menu Archive and select Families

  1. You should select the option 
  2. On the first tab Family (top right corner) you must fill in the respective form
  3. To add the elements of the Family, select the option
  4. On the tab Statistic data can add information about the family

  5. After filling, execute the button 

edit a family #

  1. In the same module Families, to edit, you must select the option 

Eliminate a family #

  1. In the same module Families, to remove, you must select the option 
  2. Then a confirmation request will appear, if you really want to delete you should select Delete: