Catechesis Registration Forms

To obtain Catechesis registration forms for children or adults, it is necessary to create a catechesis group in the current year. 

If you still don't have students to create a catechesis group, create a group just to extract the registration forms and later you can delete this group or edit it. 

Assuming a scenario that only wants to have access to registration forms:

Access the Module Catechism and click on Add Catechesis to create a temporary group

To create a temporary group you only need to fill in 4 mandatory fields: 

  • Description 
  • Year 
  • pastoral year
  • Catechist

In Description (write a random name, eg Registration 2021), Year (select any year, it won't influence documents), Catechist (select a random catechist, it won't influence documents either). At the end Guarda.

After saving the catechesis, the created form will automatically appear and access to the documents on the left side, as you can see in the image below. 

Then download the cards you want for printing. 

Finally, if you wish, you can edit the already created group and just change/insert new information. In this case click on the pencil symbol (edit).

Otherwise, you will be able to delete the created group and start a new one when the forms are filled. In this case click on the dustbin symbol (delete)