Only available in the Curia (Central services of the Diocese)

It is in this area that all the institutions of a Diocese are managed.

All institutions that are not Dioceses, Arciprestados, Parishes or places of worship are part of the institutions, as is the case of:

  • Congregations
  • Secular Institutes
  • Secretariats / Services / Departments
  • Associations and Works for Elders
  • Movements and Works Associations
  • Fitted
  • Parish Social Center
  • Spiritual Animation Centers
  • Christian Life Centers
  • Chancellery / General Secretariat
  • College of Arciprestes
  • College of Consultants
  • Commissions
  • Social Communications
  • Brotherhoods
  • Pastoral Council
  • Priestly Council
  • Diocesan Curia
  • Permanent Diaconate
  • Catholic Schools
  • Formation of Pastoral Agents
  • Management of Personal, Patrimonial and Financial Resources
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Women's Religious Institutes
  • Male Religious Institutes
  • Secular Institutes (Communities)
  • Brotherhood
  • Socio-Charitable Action Works
  • Other Institutions
  • Personal Prelatures
  • Holy House of Mercy
  • Workshops
  • Ecclesiastical Courts
  • Valences

In the Types of institution module it is possible to indicate which types of data need to be archived for each type of institution, this way you can easily define new types and indicate what you need to keep: