Table of Contents

In this module it is possible to manage the sections, which are associated with the contents and which allow the connection to the Menu.

You should access the Internet Page menu and click on the Sections module.

Add a new section #

To add a new one must:

  1. Click in , to edit you must click , to remove you must click on .
  2. After clicking on  the respective form for filling out appears. 
  3. In this tab you should put information about the section to be created:
    1.  Description – this is the section designation;
    2. Reference - serves only for interconnection with the website, here our suggestion is to put the same as in the description, but without accents, no special characters and no spaces (if the description is, for example: Eucharist of the day, then the reference should be: eucharist of day);
  4. After the process is completed click on .